The BIG CI Book

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A Step by Step Survival Guide for Foreign Language Teachers. It vastly expands on the skills and strategies we currently have available to us in TPRS/CI instruction.

Ben says, "This is my best book. It puts all my thoughts and knowledge about teaching using comprehensible input into one place. I just wish I had it with me when I first started my career as a language teacher."

The book describes in detail twenty-seven strategies, many of which are new, as well as fourteen skills. The 376 pages full of vastly expanded and new material will greatly help teachers because of the level of detail presented in the discussion of those strategies and skills.


Auteur: Ben Slavic
Bewerking: n.vt.
Jaar van uitgave: 2017
ISBN-nummer: 9789490824174
ERK-niveau: --
Bevat TPRS-instructie: Ja
Instructietaal: Engels
| Kirstin Plante 16-06-2017 16:40

What I really like about this book is how Ben Slavic not only describes his own teaching experience in detail, but also other teachers' best practices. This is such a generous book, a great help for all CI teachers. I'd like to add something a colleague of mine mentioned: "The way he describes how he develops relationship with his students really inspires me. That is the reason I started teaching in the first place: for the kids."

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