Qui parle français ? (Frans-Engels) - Livre 8

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Levertijd: 1-3 werkdagen

Immerse yourself in la Francophonie! Meet 100 men and women (10 in each book) from dozens of French-speaking countries and find out who plays soccer, who conducts experiments, who flies planes, who writes poetry, who makes laws, who plays the guitar, who explores, who sings, who cooks, who paints, who bikes, acts, sews, skates, draws, and much more. 

This is Book 8 in a series of 10. In this book you'll find the amazing stories of:

  1. Zinédine Zidane
  2. Hélène Cixous
  3. Laura Flessel-Colovic
  4. Oumane Sembène
  5. Ali Farka Touré
  6. René Descartes
  7. Élodie Yung
  8. Catherine Samba-Panza
  9. Sonia Rolland Uwitonze
  10. Claude Monet

Read this book once for pure pleasure. Read it again to make connections across continents and generations. Read it a third time and let the inspiration take you on a global journey as you discover a world of fascinating people who, just like you, speak French. Enjoy!

Information for teachers

Qui Parle Français ? is the series that French teachers of all levels have been waiting for. The cross-curricular tie-ins are endless: art, history, sports, science, theater, geography, music, literature and film, not to mention the robust fields of inquiry such as colonialism, immigration, feminism, existentialism and more. The mini-biographies are paired with inviting illustrations that encourage the reader to look deeper into each person's story. Written with simple elegance, these books will be read and reread by French students around the world. Qui Parle Français ? is an amuse-bouche, a delightful appetizer, to the fascinating world of la francophonie. It will spark inquiry at every level.

Auteur: Carla Tarini
Vertaling: n.v.t.
Jaar van uitgave: 2020
Aantal pagina's: 46 - inclusief woordenlijst
ISBN-nummer: 9789490824389
Geïllustreerd: Ja
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