Casa dividida

Appropriate for level 3 and 4 classes, José, the son of one of Cuba’s wealthiest tobacco tycoons, and Luisa, a peasant sugar cane cutter, see their country turned upside-down by the Cuban Revolution. They are then faced with a choice. Stay and defend the Revolution? Or flee and fight for its end?

Based on true events, this novel chips away at  political propaganda with a gripping tale of battlefield heroism, international espionage, economic collapse, and human compassion. You will be left wondering who the true rebels are and what it will take to reunite a house divided.

Het boekje bevat een woordenlijst Spaans-Engels. Liever een woordenlijst Spaans-Nederlands? Vraag hem hier aan! 

Auteur: Chris Mercier
Vertaling: n.v.t.
Jaar van uitgave: 2016
Aantal pagina's:
ISBN-nummer: 978-160372161-5
Geïllustreerd: Ja
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