Rūfus et Lūcia: līberī lutulentī


This charming little book is based on the easy reader Rufus Lutulentus, but it can very well be read on its own. There are 18 stories, two per chapter, that slowly increase in length and difficulty. Rufus, the protagonist of both books, loves mud and being muddy and now he has a friend who feels the same. Together they explore the city and shock its sophisticated inhabitants who love cleanness. 

The number of words and new words used is higher; whilst Rufus Lutulentus only uses 20 unique words, this book starts out with 25 and builds up to 70 unique words. In addition, there is also a female protagonist in this booklet and so there are many feminine word forms, e.g. 'Rufus est Romanus' versus 'Lucia est Romana'.

Is this book suitable for you? You can read the first chapter by clicking on the pages on the left-hand side. If you can read this chapter fairly easily this book is the right one for you.

This novel contains an excellent glossary Latin-English, which includes a translation of all the different forms of the words that occur in the text plus example sentences from the text.


Nicole de Boer

"If you just started to learn Latin, or if you want to know what you remember from your days at school, it is very encouraging to have a text that is almost completely comprehensible. This story offers you just that, and, since the story is set in ancient Rome,  you also get a bit of a feel for the streets and buildings of the time. Rufus is a boy who loves being muddy (lutulentus), his friend Lucia loves to be muddy too (lutulenta). So together they are children who like to be covered in mud: liberi lutulenti. "


For teachers

The author of this booklet, Lance Piantaggini, shares all kinds of teaching ideas on his website Magister P. He teaches Latin with Comprehensible Input and has already written a number of simple reading books, which are highly accessible for those who are just starteing out on their Latin journey. All books are set in classical Rome, so they come with a lot of cultural elements.

This is the eighth book from the "Pisoverse" series, which are set in Rome and are about the young poet Piso and his friends and family. Rufus, for example, is his brother. The stories contain simple words and sentences, which make them easy to understand and makes learning more fun. Magister P. does not believe in grammar and root learning, but in comprehensible language as you would use it nowadays.

Rufus et Lucia liberi lutulenti can be read individually, but can also be read in class, in which case  you can use before and after activities to enhance comprehension and enjoyment. The booklet can also be used as a springboard to talk about cultural aspects of the roman world.

For Rufus Lutulentus you can find quizlet questions, games and vocabulary exercises (in Latin and English) via this link. which can be used for this book too.

Author: Lance Piantaggini
Year of publication: 2018
Number of pages: 82 (including glossary)
ISBN: 9781720824329
Illustrated: Yes
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