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Are you learning Spanish, French, Russian or any other language,
but struggle to have even a simple conversation? 

Have you diligently been learning vocabulary yet cannot find those words when you try to speak?

Do you find it hard to understand people when they talk to you at normal speed in a different language?

Have you learned a lot of words, but still find it difficult to construct simple sentences?


It's not your fault!




Most courses and apps focus too much on isolated words and sentences, tiny bits of language out of context. This is of little use when you are trying to say more than a few standard sentences.

Suppose you would get a compelling story, the words and phrases used in a flowing, ongoing discourse instead. Language as it was meant to be; to make contact and share stories.

Fortunately this is entirely possible, sitting comfortably at home reading a book or, when travelling, listening to an audiobook! Just choose a simple, easy to understand book from our collection. A good narrative that allows you to learn the language with ease and without conscious effort. Learn the language as it is used,  through a continuous story with complete sentences.

What more could you want? Absorbing the language in the comfort of your own chair without even noticing that you are doing so. It seems too good to be true, but let's see what the famous linguist Stephen Krashen has to say about reading.

"People who want to learn a second language are most likely to succeed if they do so by reading."
"Picking up the meaning of words happens 10x faster by reading than by the intensive study of vocabulary."

So what are you waiting for? Other language learners preceded you:

"Sometimes I notice that I spontaneously use German expressions that I'm sure I have never learned consciously. Then, when I think about it, I realise that they come from a book I have read."

Hannie, age 33.



"I had had Spanish lessons for years but was never able to speak. Now that I read a lot of easy to understand books, whole sentences appear spontaneously in my mind and all of a sudden I can partake in conversations with ease!"

Jeannette, age 64.



"Normally I'm not such an enthusiastic reader, but these books did help me to raise my grades for French."

Matthijs, age 16.



Do you want to have more fun, put in less effort and have better results?



Visit our catalogue now!




My name is Kirstin Plante, originally I worked as a translator and teacher of Spanish. I love languages and am not only keen on learning new languages myself but also find great pleasure in helping other people to learn in a more pleasing and successful way.

I'm well aware of the importance of enjoyment in the process of learning a language. Merely studying vocabulary and doing exercises soon wears thin. Moreover it is of little use when the time comes to have a real life conversation in the language of your choice.

Therefore it is my pleasure to help you find the right book or audiobook to help you learn in a fun way, a way that will enable you to connect with speakers of your chosen language, be it French, Spanish, Chinese or any other language in our range.

Are you a teacher? Then I will be happy to advise you on how to work with the reading material (or the Activating Teaching Materials) in your classes.

Please send me an e-mail if you have a question or would like to make a comment!

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