Rūfus et arma ātra

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Rufus is a Roman boy who excitedly awaits an upcoming fight featuring the best gladiator, Crixaflamma. After a victorious gladiatorial combat in the Flavian Amphitheater (i.e. Colosseum), Crixaflamma's weapons suddenly go missing! Can Rufus help find the missing weapons?

Rufus et arma atra can be read independently from, or alongside Piso Ille Poetulus, and works well with any gladiatorial games unit in Latin class.

This novel is a spin-off of Pīsō Ille Poētulus, and contains just 40 unique words (excluding names, different forms of words, and meaning established within the text)! Rūfus is simple, funny, and can be read:

  1. after Pīsō once students have a connection to the character, or
  2. before Pīsō early on in Latin I.


Information for teachers

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Author: Lance Piantaggini
Year of publication: 2017
Number of pages: 70 (including glossary)
ISBN: 9781543203097
Illustrated: by Lauren Aczon
| A Latin teacher 31-05-2017 12:05

At the end of November, most of my Latin I students read Rūfus over just a few days of Free Voluntary Reading (FVR); some read it within the first 15min!

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