El Capibara con Botas - Teacher's Manual

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This is the teacher's guide to the A1-level reader El capibara con botas. The reader is about a young capybara, called Carlos, who can't swim, although normally capybaras are excellent swimmers. Might his wellingtons help him out? In a playful way pupils discover a lot about the rainforest, animals in South America, the water cycle and deforestation. It is an easy to read novel, also suitable for those who have just begun to learn Spanish.

If you would like to read this booklet with your class and thoroughly explore the themes it covers, but could do with some advice and ideas, this teacher's guide is the place to go. It contains a wealth of information and links to relevant webpages, so it is easy to find out more about the topics covered. This guide will be a great inspiration, especially if you are fairly new to TPRS, and not just for your lessons on the booklet.

In this teacher's guide you will find lesson plans, questions, quizes, pictures of animals, of the rainforest and of Ecuador, videos, scripts and visible thinking routines. 

This teacher's guide is in English.


Author: Mira Canion
Adaptation: --
Year of publication: 2017
ISBN: 9780991441181
CERF level (Common European Reference Framework): A1
Includes TPRS instruction: Yes
Language of instruction: English
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