El callejón del beso

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The story in El Callejón del Beso is based on the legend of a forbidden love in the city of Guanajuato in Mexico. It is a bit reminiscent of the European story of Romeo and Juliet. El callejón del Beso is an existing alley in Guanajuato, that is visited by lovers from all over the world to kiss each other. Just like Don Luis and Doña Carmen did 200 years ago.

Doña Carmen is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. She falls in love with Don Luis, a simple miner, who works in the silvermine 'La Valencia Mine', a little distance from Guanajuato. When her father discovers that she is seeing a simple miner he forbids her to leave the house and her companion, Doña Brigida, becomes her guardian.
Don Luis discovers that from the balcony of the house across the alleyway he can touch Doña Carmen and kiss her hand, that is how narrow the alley is. The lovers devise a plan to elope and get married. Unfortunately Carmen's father discovers their plan...

This book contains a glossary Spanish-English. 


Nicole de Boer

"I am fond of reading legends, and also romantic stories, myself. What I found so special about this little book is that the alley of the kiss really exists in our modern world. El Callejón del Beso is a beautiful story in beautiful Spanish, hence very pleasant to read."


For teachers

This reader has a level between A1 and A2. You could call it the Mexican version of Romeo and Juliet. Remarkable detail is that the alleyway in the story is an existing place which can be visited to this day. Because the story is set 200 years ago the author has chosen to use some oldfashioned words, like Don and Doña and the polite form of address usted.

The story is easy to read and not very long, so it is well suited to be read individually. Reading it in class is another good option which could stimulate discussion of themes like Mexico, the city of Guanajuato and famous (forbidden) love stories. In combination with classroom activities reading becomes a joy indeed.

Karen Rowan has retold this legend in her own words - 2767 of them, 430 unique ones, 50 cognates and 24 high frequency verbs - and left the end open: El qué dirán. Rowan is a TPRS teacher and author of a number of easy readers of which Las aventuras de Isabela and Carl no quiere ir a México also are set in Guanajuato.

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Author: Karen Rowen
Year of publication: 2018
Number of pages: 38 (including glossary)
ISBN: 978-1603722605
Illustrated: Yes
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