Ròna agus MacCodruim - 2nd illustrated edition

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This beautiful novel tells the tragic lovestory of the fisherman MacCodruim and his beloved Ròna. MacCodruim lives a lonely life as a fisherman in Scotland. His loneliness comes to an end when he meets the beautiful and mysterious Ròna. Although she seems a bit outlandish, he falls in love with her and they start a family together. They live a charmed life, yet something isn’t right. Will MacCodruim discover who Ròna truly is? Will Ròna learn his secret; one that could tear them apart?

Contains a glossary Gaelic-English. You can also download a separate glossary here.

Second edition features
This edition of Ròna has more footnotes to clarify certain Gaelic phrases that are hard to decode word-by-word. The glossary is now more efficient so that you spend less time looking things up and more time immersed in the story. A few words and phrases have also been tweaked to align with other novels in this series. Finally, the overall spelling has been edited according to the Gaelic Orthographic Conventions in Scotland so that you’ll be able to read other Gaelic books more easily.

Gaelic language learner literature
This novel is part of the Arcos Series Learn Gaelic with Folk Tales for beginning and intermediate language learners. With limitedvocabulary and a strong focus on high frequent language structures, these short novels make the beautiful Gaelic language and folk tale culture easily accessible to learners. Enjoy reading!

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Author: Jason Bond
Year of publication: 2020 (2nd revised edition)
Number of pages: 65 (including glossary)
ISBN: 9789490824198
Illustrated: by Tamara Magruder
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