Pīsō Ille Poētulus

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Piso is a Roman boy who wants to be a great poet like Virgil. His family, however, wants him to be a soldier like his father. Can Piso convince his family that poetry is a worthwhile profession?


  • 108 unique words
  • features 22 original lines of dactylic hexameter
  • 60 pages of text
  • setting: Rome

Audio files

We highly encourage you to consider using the crucial, novel accompaniment for this Latin novella: an audio album of Piso’s 22 lines of dactylic hexameter, available for download (on iTunes, and Amazon). The audio album features all of Piso’s poetry accompanied by percussion instruments to emphasize the particular rhythm of each specific line of poetry. This resource is not only designed to listen to with your students, but also for you to hone your own metrical skills! Each track on the audio album includes:

a) Piso singing his line of poetry
b) an English translation to [re]establish meaning
c) the line of poetry repeated to check comprehension
d) a slow version of just the rhythm to become more comfortable singing to a beat
e) the normal speed of just the rhythm to practice singing at Piso’s speed
f) the line of poetry repeated one last time

The audio album includes two tracks of the Dē Versibus appendix; one with Piso singing, and one slowed down with just rhythms. Here’s a sample of the audio album.

Information for teachers

Whether used as an introduction to Latin poetry, a survey of ancient Rome's famous buildings, or a glimpse into the day of a Roman boy, Piso Ille Poetulus is a must-have in every Latin classroom.

To prepare your classes for this book, use the practical teacher’s guide.  There's a student workbook available for your class to support them in their interaction with the text. Get your discount with a Teacher’s discount package!

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*All books and novels are copyright protected, which means that copying this book for use in your classroom is not permitted.

Author: Lance Piantaggini
Year of publication: 2016
Number of pages: 68 (plus glossary)
ISBN: 978-1539878230
Illustrated: by Lauren Aczon
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