Jean-Paul et ses bons amis

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Fun French novel for young children who have just started to learn French. 

Jean-Paul, his friends René, Pierre and Pascale don't like to clean up or do their homework. Pierre likes to cook, René likes to play football and Pascale likes to film and edit videos for her YouTube channel. Jean-Paul likes to do all these things, as long as he can do them together with his friends.

The thing is... all these activities cause a lot of dirt and chaos wherever the friends go. In spite of their promises to clean up after themselves, they conveniently 'forget' to do it. Unfortunately, their parents know how to find them, because the friends carry their mobile phones...

This fun story about young kids who live with one foot in the digital world, but who are still normal, playful kids, is very appealing to young children. The repetitive character of the story (as we so often see in children's books) makes the book easy to read and comprehend. Ideal for beginning French learners.


"I find Jean-Paul a funny, impulsive kid, who keeps creating a mess 'by accident' and then 'forgets' to clean it up, until there is no escape from a bunch of angry parents. He is inclined to exaggerate everything, which seems irresistably funny to the kids I have read this book to."


Information for teachers

The humor in this book is greatly appreciated by middle school students, and will keep them engaged throughout the whole book. Every chapter offers dialogue or action scenes that can be acted out in class. 


Class set

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*All books and novels are copyright protected, which means that copying this book for use in your classroom is not permitted.


Author: Chris Stolz
Year of publication: 2017
Number of pages: 47 plus glossary
ISBN: 978-1-60372-184-3
Illustrated: Yes
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