Dirk und seine guten Ideen

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Dirk is an 11 year-old boy who lives in Berlin, Germany. His best friend is Maria. Poor Dirk has one big problem. He does not like school. He does not like to study. He does not like to do homework. He does not even like his teachers. In fact, his teachers are really odd. Fortunately, Dirk has a lot of good ideas. He can think of many fun and exciting things to do rather than going to school. His good ideas include visiting a soccer stadium and an art museum with his friend Maria. He also thinks about eating delicious pastries at a bakery and rowing a boat at a park. Dirk thinks these are good ideas. In fact, he thinks they are great ideas. However, are they really?


  • 35 pages of text (slightly larger font)
  • written in present tense
  • contains a Kulturelle Anmerkung after each chapter
  • contains comprehension questions for each chapter
  • setting: Berlin, Germany

Information for teachers

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Author: Magaly Rodriguez
Year of publication: 2019
Number of pages: 59 (incl. questions and glossary)
ISBN: 978-1-60372-240-7
Illustrated: by Juan Carlos Pinilla Melo
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