Todo lo que brilla


José is a young farmer with his own farm, where he works together with his best friend Ignacio. He falls in love with Emilia, the most beautiful girl he ever saw. He desperately wants to marry her, but knows that her father will only give his permission if José makes enough money.

One day, his farm is taken over by a multinational, and he loses everything he posesses. The chance to marry Emilia seems lost. José and Ignacio have to leave the farm, and decide to go to the mines in the jungle. In the mines, they work under extremely dangerous circumstances, and need to work hard for very little gains. José keeps hoping that in the end, he will have enough money to be able to ask Emilia to marry him. 

A beautiful story about injustice and hardship, but also about love, friendship and loyalty.

There is also a 25 minute documentary available on a DVD, with English and Spanish subtitles and narrations. 

Lesson plan and ideas can be found at Williamson CI & TPRS.

Author: Chris Mercer
Year of publication: 2015
Number of pages: 95 (including word list)
ISBN: 978-160372143-1
Illustrated: Yes
| emmy 25-02-2020 02:44

I read this book for class in Spanish and I'm not very at it but this book really held my attention. A lot of random things happen! My cat also really liked it when I explained it too her. I would recommend to friends, family, and heck... even a stranger or two.

5 stars based on 1 reviews
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