Pirates Français des Caraïbes

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This French easy reader for beginners (Level 1 / A1) is easy to read and great for high school student and adults. It's really nice to read by yourself when you are learning French, and also perfect for reading with the class, because of the action packed story.

The adventurous story is lighthearted, with lots of humor and a little romance. It is based on historical facts and legends. The story takes place in the 1600's, when the Spanish captain Antoine Medina goes on a quest to find the secret map that will bring him to the fountain of eternal youth. Unfortunately, the French pirate François de Granmont - also known as the terror of the Caribean - is looking for the map as well, and his bunch of pirates will do whatever is necessary to defeat their rival. Another complication is that Rachelle, who is Antoines fiancée, decides to dress like a pirate and join the pirates in their quest. Now, the Spanish captain and the pirate captain have one more reason to hunt the other down.

This French novel is easy and accessible, not in the least because of the many cognates the authors have used: French words that look like English words and mean the same, like 'le pirate' and 'the pirate'. This makes it so much easier to understand, and will increase your pleasure in reading this action packed story.

And why don't you listen to the audio book while (or after) reading the book? This will bring the novel to life even more and at the same time will boost your listening comprehension of French. And did you know that your pronunciation improves spectacularly just by listening to French audio?

Information for teachers

The history and legends on which the story is based, offer food for discussions and conversations. Also, the extensive Teacher's Guide for this novel contains many great activities that delve deeper into the cultural aspects of the story. Teachers have also developed materials for teaching this novel, for example at Teacher Pay Teachers or Share My Lesson.

This novel is perfect for acting out through Reader's Theatre because of the many action scenes, dialogues and typical characters.

The total word count is around 8700 words, based on only 300 unique words. These are mostly high frequent words (and cognates), which makes this book a valuable addition to the French 1 curriculum.

Teachers get a discount when ordering class sets of 20 copies or more. Please contact us for more information.

"This French novel is one of my personal favorites, because it has everything a good story needs: action, adventure, romance, and above all: humor. The humor breaks the tension that is built up by the fast paced action. I really like it when that is done well, because it keeps the book light."


Author: Mira Canion and Carol Gaab, translated by Geneviève Poucel
Year of publication: 2009
Number of pages: 72
ISBN: 978-1-934958-59-9
Illustrated: Yes
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