Leyendas impactantes


This is an exceptional reader in the sense that you can read it on two levels. If you start reading it the normal way you will encounter the version for pre-intermediate learners, but if you turn the book around and start reading from the back the reading will be more demanding and suited for learners at an intermediate level.

The first of the legends is from Mexico, it tells about the God of the Wind who falls in love with a beautiful Aztec girl. But she prefers someone else. Then there are the goldhunters in a small village in Argentina and tells a Bolivian Inca-legend about the origins of the corn plant. Puerto Rico is the home of beautiful tiny tree frogs. They are involved in a wonderful love story and you will discover why they always call out "coqui", the word that gives them there name. From Guatemala stems the story about El Sombrerón en finally you will read about El Silbón, a lost soul from Venezuela.

Is this book suitable for you? You can read some sample pages by clicking on them on the left-hand side. If you can read these pages fairly easily this book is the right one for you. The first samples are the easier level, followed by the more challenging level.


Nicole de Boer "Legends are always interesting reading. In this booklet you will be able to get aquainted with some of the miracles, ghosts and monsters known in several Latin-American countries. A special feature is that there are two levels of each story within one book. You can start out at the easier level and if and when you find you are ready for a bit more difficult material you can just turn the book over and start reading from the back."

For teachers

Leyendas Impactantes is a very pleasant book. Every legend is a separate short story from a different Latin American country and written on two language levels, A2 and A2+, so also an excellent tool for differentiation when read individually.
Doing one or more legends in class can be an excellent starting point to cover some cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking world. Another option is having the pupils read the higher level text when the text has been read and become completely clear on the first level.
And of course there are many activities that can be done to make reading in class even more enjoyable.


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Author: Kristy Placido
Year of publication: 2018
Number of pages: 73 + 82 (both levels, including glossary)
ISBN: 9781945956690
Illustrated: Yes
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