Juliana - with English glossary

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This beautifully designed Spanish novel for beginners tells the story of Juliana, a white bat who lives in a dark cave in Spain. She is an albino bat, to be exact. She looks different from the other bats, and feels like she doesn't really fit in the group. Maybe that is also due to her character: she is adventurous and loves crazy ideas. 

One day, Juliana hears a terrible noise in the cave. She suspects it might mean danger, but nobody listens to her warnings. That is why she decides to check things out on her own. Her search leads to a dangerous adventure. Will she be able to save her bat colony from the looming danger?

Based on true facts that happened at the Cueva Juliana (the Juliana cave) in Alicante.

This book contains less than a 100 different (unique) words and a word list. That makes is perfect for those who want to learn Spanish by reading. The glossary in this version for Dutch language learners is Spanish-English. 


"I think it is a lovely, gripping novel. It's one of these heartwarming stories about a courageous outsider who fights a major injustice. The illustrations are beautiful. They bring the characters alive and explain some of the more complicated situations."


Information for teachers

The novel has some interesting themes for class discussion: friendship, being (or feeling) different, loyalty, protection of species and the power of big companies. The story has many action driven scenes that are perfect for acting out in class.


Class set

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Author: Rosana Navarro and Margarita Pérez García
Year of publication: 2018
Number of pages: 63 (including glossary)
ISBN: 978-0-473-41245-6
Illustrated: Yes
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