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This TPR handbook for language teachers offers a step-by-step guide for building your own TPR lesson series. After a short explanation of the principles of TPR, the author starts with a collection of simple TPR techniques with names like "monkey see, monkey do" and "Napoleon's white horse is white, of course", and works toward a detailed example of the first four classes of a TPR curriculum. Later in the book you will find a whole chapter on creating your own lesson plan for beginning or more advanced students. 

One chapter is dedicated to the use of props, to make your TPR classes more lively and creative. There is also a chapter about the language skills speaking, reading and writing, which shows clearly that TPR is not limited to following commands, as many people still believe. The chapter on TPR games is another example of the many activities that are part of TPR classes. 

Practical issues like assessment and homework are addressed in the last two chapters, after which you will find a large collection of annexes, with ready-to-go lists of TPR commands, games and activities. 

All in all, this is a very complete book for the beginning TPR teacher, and still a great resource of ideas for the more experienced TPR teacher.  

TPR focuses on a natural way of language acquisition, and on developing a fluent understanding and use of the target language in connected discourse.

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Author: Ramiro Garcia
Adaptation: --
Year of publication: 2007 (3rd expanded edition, third printing)
ISBN: 9781560184218
CERF level (Common European Reference Framework): not applicable
Includes TPRS instruction: TPR-instruction
Language of instruction: English
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