DVD set: TPRS workshop with Susan Gross

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The best way to learn TPRS is by seeing how others teach language with this approach. Susan Gross is one of the most experienced TPRS teachers and a distinguished teacher trainer. In this DVD series she demonstrates many TPRS skills and gives detailed explanations of techniques. The DVD set offers you a complete two-day workshop by one of the best TPRS teacher trainers in the world.

Disc 1:
Demonstration of TPRS step 1 and 2  in French
Two additional activities

Disc 2:
Demonstration of step 3
Language acquisition theory
More additional activities

Disc 3:
Question techniques
Homework and assessment
Bonus: The Trouble with Being Good

ISBN: --
Author: Susan Gross
Year of publication: 2008
| Anoniem 24-08-2015 14:19

So I thought that watching Susie was going to be a grand review. It was--and it wasn't. As she talked about the brain, I understood better what we're doing when we move between teaching for learning and teaching for acquisition. As she directed circling, I remembered what I've been leaving off. Just watching Susie teach, I recognized what you can't memorize--she is respectful of learners and joyfully supportive in a way that I need to see over and over to keep bringing into my own teaching. Susie shows how to use your body to teach. She gives great directions for assessment and homework and lesson planning. A line that will stick with me is that the time I spend grading is not time that will help my students acquire.
I'm really glad to have this DVD set. The basics are clearly here, but the six hours on them have so much information that I will be able to watch them many times and still get ah-ha moments. And we'll be able to turn on the DVD at a TPRS coaching meeting, listen to Susie give the instructions, and then coach in small groups. It won't quite be like having her there, but we'll feel as though we know what we're doing.

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